What should I know when using Docear on a Linux system?

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Different JVMs come with different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to using them on a Linux system. While Open-JDK versions often had issues with distorted fonts, the older Oracle-Java versions had issues with menus and mouse positioning. While Oracle-JDKs are not open source, version 8 seems to fix both issues and we hence recommend you to use Oracle-JDK-8. You are, of course, free to try Docear with any other version of Java. Please tell us about your experiences.

Compatible PDF viewers

Although the PDF-X-Change Viewer is not open source and cannot natively run on Linux systems, we nevertheless recommend it. It can be installed using WINE and is the only one which supports import of highlighted text. If you run into any errors please read the appropriate section in our manual or this forum discussion.


If you are using Ubuntu and Docear crashes, please read in the forum.

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