What has Docear to do with Freeplane?

Docear is based on the mind mapping software Freeplane. That means, we adopt the source code from Freeplane, extend it with further functionality e.g. regarding PDF and reference management, and build Docear from it.  That means, every change the Freeplane team is doing in Freeplane, is automatically available in Docear (as soon as we update to the latest Freeplane source code which happens every couple of months). This also means that when you have a feature request or bug report you may consider to submit it to the Freeplane team. This is particularly recommendable if the bug report or feature request related to a basic mind mapping function such as layout, printing, notes, links, etc. Anything related to the workspace, reference management, PDF management and the Docear online services definitely should be addressed to the Docear team.

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