Why is PDF-XChange Viewer or Adobe Acrobat Pro not recognized?

Sometimes, PDF-XChange Viewer is not recognized by Docear. There are three potential reasons.
  1. You did not install PDF-XChange Viewer. Please note that PDF-XChange viewer it not installed by Docear automatically. It needs to be installed by you.
  2. You did install the wrong PDF viewer. Tracker Software offers several PDF viewers with nearly the same name. Please make sure to download the free PDF-XChange viewer application. Other products, e.g. PDF X-Change editor, will not work!
  3. You downloaded the wrong download type. By default, a ZIP file is offered as download and there is also a portable version. Neither the ZIP nor the portable version will work with Docear. Docear can only recognize PDF-XChange viewer, when it is properly installed. This means, you need to download the EXE Installer.

It’s best to download the EXE Installer of PDF-XChange Viewer from TrackerSoftware’s download page because the product page is not well structured. Alternatively, you can directly download the correct file here: http://www.tracker-software.com/downloads/PDFXVwer.exe (download the file and then execute it).

If you downloaded and installed the correct version, and Docear still does not find the installation of the PDF X-Change viewer, please report this problem in our forum and answer the following questions to help us tracking down the issue:
  1. Which operation system with which architecture do you use? e.g.: Windows 7, 64-Bit
  2. Which version of Docear do you use? e.g.: stable build214 (You can find the version of Docear by clicking “Help” > “About” in Docear’s ribbon bar.
  3. Which version of the PDF X-Change viewer do you use? e.g.: 2.5 (Build 212.0)
  4. Which version of Java do you use? Please open the console and execute the command “java -version” in order to find out. On Windows 7 systems you can open the console by pressing the “Start”-Button and typing “cmd” in the small input field inside the menu.

If Adobe Acrobat Pro is not recognized by Docear, please try to start Docear as an Administrator.

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