How to post a helpful, i.e. precise, bug report, question, etc.?

If you want us to help you, you need to be as specific as possible when you report a bug or ask a question. Tell us your operating system, the version of Docear or Docear4Word, and provide step-by-step instructions with exact examples that allow us to reproduce the bug or understand your question. Being precise is in your own interest. If you are not, it will take us more time to find the problem or answer your question. This means, we will have less time to implement new features and improve Docear. In addition, if we don’t understand what you want from us, and we ask you to explain your issue in more detail, it will delay the final answer for a few days, because we are visiting the forum only once or twice a week. This means, if you ask a question on Monday, and we ask you on Tuesday to explain your issue in more detail, you probably won’t get a follow-up answer before Friday, even if you directly answer on Wednesday. If you had been precise right away, you would have had the final answer on Tuesday already.

Being precise does not mean that you need to write pages over pages. Just provide as many information as possible in the most concise way to enable us to reproduce the bug or understanding exactly what you want to know.

Here are a few (bad) examples.

Hello, I found a bug. When I accidentally enter an incorrect bibtex key, docear opens two popup windows saying invalid BibTeX key entry.

Such a bug report is of little use. In this particular example, we need to know where you have entered the BibTeX key and we also need a an example of an invalid BibTeX key to reproduce the bug.

Another user sent us this

Docear does not start. What can I do?

Again, such a question is not specific enough. We need to know if this is the very first time that you start Docear, or if you have upgraded from an older version. We need to know your operating system. We need to know what exactly you mean by “Does not start”. Is there any error message? Is just nothing happening? Is Docear starting but then the GUI freezes? …?



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