How to migrate from Endnote?

One of our users sent us the following instruction for migrating from Endnote. This procedure will capture all entries but not all fields.

1. Get the Bibtex style from the link below and double click on it while EndNote is running.

This style file is for exporting citations, not for exporting the database. There are many other fields within EndNote,  some of which have no mapping to BibTex fields!

2. In EndNote X7, go to Edit->Output Style->Open Style Manager, then check the Bibtex export and close the window.
3. Go to Edit->Output Style->and select BibteX Export.
4. Select the whole library or the references which you want and go to File->Export and : 1. Save as type= Text File(*.txt) 2. Output Style= Bibtex Export, then save it.
5. Go to the location of the saved text file and change the extension to *.bib and save it.
6. Now you need to configure Docear. Select your Endnote BibTeX file in Docear (right mouse click on References->change location in the left column and locate your bib file).
7. After selecting the BibTeX file, you need to tell Docear where EndNote saves your PDF files. First, open the “Change location” dialog in Docear (right mouse click on “Literature Repository”) (or add the EndNote repository as an additional literature repository). Note that EndNote repository is in the folder which you save your library. Inside this folder there is another folder which ends with “.Data”. Open it and select PDF folder. (Also, you can select the parent folder since Docear can read subfolders automatically. Important. Every time you insert a new reference in EndNote, you have to repeat the first 5 steps since EndNote doesn’t save bib automatically.

The above will not export the file links into the BibTex file giving direct access from JabRef as provided by the legacy PDF and PS directory configuration within JabRef. There can also be file links in Endnote to files outside the Endnote database that will not be captured by the above procedure.

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