How can I backup my data or migrate to another computer?

We cannot stress enough how important it is to make regular backups of your data because there are lots of reasons why you might loose it (viruses, your carelessness, bugs in Docear, …). To backup your data (or to migrate it to another computer), read the following step-by-step instruction.

  1. Let’s assume, you have three projects A, B and C
  2. For each of your projects, you do the following to make a backup.
    1. Select the project in the workspace panel, do a right mouse click, and select “Open Location”
    2. A window like this should appear, which shows your project home directory

      It is important that you see the _data folder (A). If you don’t, something is wrong, and you should contact us. It is also important that you see the literature_repository folder (B) or a corresponding folder that contains your PDFs. If you have a literature repository outside your project home, you will need to backup that separately (how to do this, is covered later in more detail). Now, to backup your project, copy all folders and files that you see to a memory stick (or where ever you want to backup your files to).  Alternatively, open the parent folder of the currently shown folder (in the example this would be the “projects” folder).
    3. The parent folder should look like this and should list the home folder(s) of your project(s)

      Now, copy the home folder(s) of the project(s) you want to backup to your memory stick.
    4. That’s it, you have backuped your project(s) – unless you have linked files that are outside the project home. In the example, the project home is c:\users\admin\Docear\projects\This is one project (A). If your literature repository, or other files, are in e.g. c:\my files\my pdfs\, then you need also to backup c:\my files\my pdfs\.
  3. To restore your projects, do the following
    1. Install Docear on your new computer
    2. Copy your backuped project folders from your memory stick to your hard drive (e.g. from e:\current_backup\This is one project (A)\ to c:\users\admin\Docear\projects\This is one project (A)
    3. Start Docear, enter your login data (if you have some), register, or choose to use Docear as local user (whatever your prefered choice is).
    4. On the next screen select to import an existing project
    5. Select “Browse” and then choose the home folder of your project, e.g. c:\users\admin\Docear\projects\This is one project (A)

      If everything is alright, the project’s name and its latest modification date should be displayed in the list.
    6. Click “Finish”
    7. Now, your project should be ready to use
    8.  If you have more projects, import them in the same way as you did with the first one (select “Import project” to start the process).

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