Why is Docear not starting on Microsoft Windows?

A few Microsoft Windows users have trouble to start Docear. These two hints have helped them:

Delete Docear’s installation folder and install Docear again afterwards

When you have used older versions of Docear succesfully, but the new version does not start, you should delete Docear’s installation folder and install Docear again aftwerwards. Docear’s installation folder is located at “C:\Program files\Docear” on 32-Bit or “C:\Program files (x86)\Docear” on 64-Bit systems by default. It contains both the “Docear.bat” and the “Doceat.exe” files.

Tell Docear to use another location in order to store and restore its settings

If your Windows user folder is located on a network drive, which is the default configuration in some companies, Docear won’t find its settings.and can’t start. You can tell Docear to use a different location for this settings folder. In order to do that, please follow these steps:

Please navigate to your installation folder of Docear, i.e. the folder containing both the “Docear.exe” and the “Docear.bat” file (you can find further information at the top of this page). Now copy the Docear.bat file to your Desktop (you won’t be able to modify it in the “C:\Program files” location. Now open it with your default text editor (e.g. right-click it and select modify or edit from the context menu). Do not use any rich text editors like Microsoft Word!
You have to attach an aditional parameter to the command String in order to tell Docear where it should store and restore its settings from. You need to add this entry (including the quotation marks somewhere between other “-D…” entries) and modify the path according to your needs, e.g.:

Now copy the file back to Docear’s installation folder and start it from there.

A full version of this file might look like this:

@echo off
set freeplanedir=%~dp0
set xargs=init.xargs
set defines= “-Dorg.freeplane.param1=%~1” “-Dorg.freeplane.userfpdir=C:\Users\stefan\.docear” “-Dorg.freeplane.param2=%~2” “-Dorg.freeplane.param3=%~3” “-Dorg.freeplane.param4=%~4”
set resdir=”-Dorg.freeplane.globalresourcedir=%freeplanedir%resources/”
@echo on
java -Xmx512m “-Dorg.knopflerfish.framework.bundlestorage=memory” “-Dorg.knopflerfish.gosg.jars=reference:file:%freeplanedir%core/” %resdir% %defines% -jar “%freeplanedir%framework.jar” -xargs “%freeplanedir%props.xargs” -xargs “%freeplanedir%%xargs%”

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