Why is Docear not recognizing Zotero’s BibTeX file, or producing exceptions?

Some users occasionally report that Docear has problems with recognizing the BibTeX file that they exported from Zotero (or from one of Zotero’s add-ons). Sometimes, the reason is that Zotero (or the add-ons) produce invalid BibTeX code. For instance, sometimes, closing brackets ‘}’ or commas ‘,’ are missing. Here is, how a valid entry should […]

How to use Zotero and Docear at the same time?

If you want to use Zotero together with Docear you need to export a BibTeX file, each time you change or add an entry in Zotero. This process can be done automatically with the Zotero plugins “AutoZotBib” and “Zotero Autoexport“.

If you don’t want to use these plugins you can export the BibTeX file manually […]

How to use Mendeley and Docear at the same time?

In principle, it’s possible to use both Docear and Mendeley with the same data. However, there are two problems, namely Mendeley’s slightly awkward BibTeX export, and their proprietary PDF format. If you want to use Mendeley, we suggest you have a look at why Mendeley might be considered a bad reference manager that will lock-you […]