Why are spaces removed in the bibliography?

Docear currently has a bug that removes spaces and prepositions:


To fix this bug, download our modified citeproc.js file and overwrite the existing file, usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Docear4Word\JavaScript\

Why can Docear4Word not load my BibTeX file (Unexpected error at line x, column y)?

If you try to add a reference in MS-Word, and your BibTeX file is invalid, you will receive an error message like this:

If you receive such an error message, there are three potential solutions

1. Install the latest Docear4Word version

2. Fix the problem yourself

To fix the problem, open your BibTeX file […]

Why does “Creating Citation…” appear when I want to add a reference?

If you add a new reference in your Word document and receive the message “Creating Citation…” (see image below), there are three potential reasons.

1. You tried to add a reference at an invalid location. For instance, Docear4Word cannot insert references in footnotes or text-fields. If you try to do, the message “Creating Citation…” […]

How can I localize strings like “p.”, “pp.”, “et al.”, … ?

If you are writing a non-english article, you might not want page numbers abbreviated by “p” or “pp” but in your particular language. Or you might “et al.” in another language. You can change these strings in your Sys.js file which is located in c:\Program Files (x86)\Docear4Word\JavaScript\. In that file search for the string you […]

How can I create references in footnotes or text-fields?

Sorry, currently, you cannot create references in footnotes or text-fields. We know, this is annoying and we hope that we can fix this problem soon, but it might take a while.

How do I upgrade to the latest citeproc-js version?

Docear4Word is using citeproc-js which is responsible for the formatting of the references. Sometimes there are new releases of citeproc-js that fix some bugs or ad some new features. You can either wait a few weeks until we integrated the latest citeproc-js version into Docear4Word or upgrade manually. To upgrade manually, replace c:\Program Files (X86)\Docear4Word\JavaScript\citeproc.js […]

How can I keep two (or more) words as last name?

Sometimes, (last) names consist of multiple words and you don’t want a reference to show only one of that words as last name. For instance, when you want to cite “Microsoft Research”, you don’t want only the term “Research” to appear as name but “Microsoft Research” instead.

Multiple authors with “normal” names

If a document […]

Why is the order/numbering of citations not correct?

Users often ask why citations are numbered e.g. … [1] … [3] … [2] and not … [1] … [2] … [3] . The answer is easy: because of the citation style you use. Some (but not all) citation styles order the entries in the bibliography by the authors’ last name. In the example, a […]